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Jos van Riswick - Mareike Henkel

Weekend of october 14th and 15th 2006 - Church of Persingen (near Nijmegen, Holland).

Open: 13.00-17.00h.

Duo-exhibition in which the still life is approached from two sides. Jos van Riswick, in his realistic still life paintings, applies a classical layered technique based on oil paint. A realistic expression of materials and plasticity are important. A great love for the paint is exhibited in the beautiful skin of the paintings, to which he pays a lot of attention.

Still life with pears, Jos van Riswick
Still life with pears, Jos van Riswick

The same amount of attention to the skin of the painting can be found in the work of Mareike Henkel. She works in mixed graphical techniques. Her monotypes are produced in a process in which several colors of blockprint are layered over eachother. In this way an inkfilm arises that has an interesting structure. In her work, she experiments with color and form, in which recognizable objects are of secondary importance only.

'Lampionplant', Mareike Henkel
'Lampionplant', Mareike Henkel

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