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Juliette Aristides

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Albert Greving


From a young age I enjoyed drawing and I drawed a lot. I particularly remember one incidence of my childhood.

Albert Greving

My parents went out with friends and found a deer that had been hit by a car. They decided to take the animal home and slaughter it to use the meat. The closer they came to our house, the less they felt for going through with their plan. They decided to call the police.

The deer was put in our barn and when I woke up the next morning I made a drawing of the situation. When the police officers came to pick up the animal they made quite an impression on me: they were standing in the middle of our kitchen with their black boots, while I always had to take off mine!

My mother showed the drawing to the men and I can remember their interest in my drawing. Maybe this was the first time that I suspected my drawings to be special...