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Amanda Fletcher


I was born in London, England in 1960. As a child I spent most of my time painting, and was encouraged to pursue a career in art after winning a national childrens competition at the age of ten.

Inspired by a fascination for the Old Masters and struggling to find acceptance in an educational system almost completely dominated by modern art, I eventually left England to pursue my studies in Italy. In Florence, I studied with Daniel Graves and Charles Cecil at Studio Cecil-Graves, an atelier dedicated to the training of Realist painters. The training I received here provided me with the skills and confidence to continue with realist painting, despite the indifference I often encountered from contemporary art lovers.

In the late eighties, I moved to Sweden where I continued to study the techniques of the Old Masters, specializing in still life and portraiture. Drawing from my experience in Italy, and inspired also by the vast emptiness of Sweden, my paintings reflect objects and people in timeless, tranquil repose utterly removed from the bustle of modern day life. Through my paintings, I try to make seemingly temporal objects appear fixed and eternal.

I love to study the way light and dark envelop my subjects, creating both subtle, diffused gradations of tone and occasional, strong splashes of light; also, how familiar objects become mysterious and vulnerable when partly hidden in deep shadows. My still lifes are often like miniature stage sets with precisely positioned objects in controlled lighting conditions, removed from reality yet representative of the natural world. I am searching for harmony, stillness and elegance.

Wherever possible, I work entirely from life. In the case of portraiture, interaction with the sitter is essential when trying to create a likeness based both on physical attributes as well as character. Getting to know the subject on a more personal level and allowing the painting to grow as this relationship develops are key elements in portraiture. In the case of posthumous portraits when photographs have to be used, I apply all the same principles as when I am working from life and imagine that the person is actually in front of me.

I work mostly from my studio in Stockholm, but travel frequently to England and the rest of Europe to do commissions. My work can be found in private homes all over the world including London, Toronto, Brisbane, Washington DC, Paris, Lisbon, Madeira, Florence and Stockholm.