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Arkady Zrazhevsky


Arkady Zrazhevsky was born in the city of Kazan, but grew up in Krasnoarmeysk, in the Moscow region. He graduated from Moscow State University of culture and arts (1988). Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia (1993), member of the International Art Fund (2002). Exhibits of my work have been shown since 1988 throughout many parts of Russia. My paintings are in private and corporate art collections in 15 countries on four continents.

Arkady Zrazhevsky

I like to paint still-lifes with the subject matters of past times. During many years I created a collection of ancient objects which I use in my work. I like the spectator, looking at my still-lifes, to be amazed by the beauty of these things, to travel to old times, to feel the harmony of the still life, - a fine creation of human hands. Campaigns in the woods always lets me have pleasant emotions. Often, coming back from such walks, I bring back bouquets of simple field and wood flowers. Remembering these positive emotions, I try to transfer them on a canvas. Early fall for me is a special time. Bearing the cloudy days to come in mind, it is my desire to record the abundant bright colors of early fall. I like to paint still-lifes with asters, fluffy and delicate. I like to paint autumn leaves with their great variety. After the first frosty nights, leaves call for the brightest paints! It is surprising that every new year gives us new and never repeating combinations of colors in the foliage of the same identical trees and bushes! And each autumn I impatiently wait, what gifts expect me this time. There are also disappointments, when rains or a strong wind confuse all creative plans, but in fact the world is just fine with it's variety and unpredictability!

Source: Arkady Zrazhevsky