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Cary Jurriaans


Cary Loopuyt Jurriaans lives and paints in Washington State. Not far from Seattle. She has lived in the United states for 34 years with her husband 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

Cary Jurriaans

Cary was born and raised in the Netherlands near the Hague and grew up among some of the most beautiful art in the world. Inspired by her great grandfather who was a Dutch portrait painter(Johan Joeke van Wigheren) she has shown an abundance of creative energy throughout her life, after pursuing the decorative arts in many forms, she started painting in oil.

Cary's classical art training started at the Gage Academy in Seattle. She also spent time at the Florence Academy of Art and attended many other workshops in Europe and the US. She studied with numerous well known instructors. Her work has been exhibited in juried shows on the west coast. most notable the PONCHO invitational. In 2006 Cary started the FALL CITY FINE ART STUDIO ( in Fall City, Washington. FCFAS is a Studio/School where one can study in classes and workshops with nationally renowned instructors, that have a passion for teaching and excellent classical skills.

'I love painting the Still Life in oil, it has the peace and quiet that I crave. I spend hours sometimes days setting up the objects a certain way. The way the light falls on them tells a story..

I love soft and hard edges the illusion of form on a flat surface. I enjoy learning more each time I paint. The more I learn the more I know and knowing makes me realize I need to keep learning. Painting is exhilarating, challenging and to me personally revealing. It has given me a new view on life and experiences beyond my imagination.'

Cary Jurriaans

34110 SE 56th Place, Fall City, Washington 98024

425 222 9595 / 206 571 0442