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Cat Corcilius


Cat is a versatile artist, painting in a realistic manner. Her still life subjects are interesting and varied, from Traditional Still Life's to Southwestern Still life's.

Cat delights in making everyday objects special, fruit and vegetables from the marketplace, colorful sunflowers, an old copper pot, or family keepsakes such as a treasured lace tablecloth. There is a magic that happens when her still life paintings achieve a real and three dimensional appearance on the flat surface of the canvas.

Cat Corcilius

Though Cat has become known through the years for her paintings and limited editions of the American Indian people, her focus has turned exclusively to painting realistic still life's. Though demanding Cat finds it immensely enjoyable and gratifying to make inanimate objects come alive with light, color and dimension.

The Leanin' Tree greeting card company has licensed Cat's work since 1992 and she is proud to show her work on their greeting cards. Four of her paintings have been licensed by two collectible plate companies, Reco International and the Danbury Mint for use on collectible plates.

Several years ago, for a book titled, Art of the American West, Cat was invited to have one of her paintings included in the book and it was also featured as the two page introduction. In the late 90's PBS aired a special presentation about Cowboy of America artist, Mehl Lawson and Cats work was included (the only woman artist) in a segment showing examples of American Western Art.

Each year Cat participates in a number of juried National Art Shows across the country. Several examples are the Oil Painters of America Western Regional Juried Exhibition 2009, hosted by the Howard/Mandville Gallery; the Salon International Art Show 2010, hosted by the Greenhouse Gallery, San Antonio, TX; the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society Exhibition and Show; the George Phippen Art show, Prescott AZ; American Plains Artist's Show, Texas; and The Richeson Art Show and Sale, Wisconsin.

Cat is proud to be a member of several National Art Organizations who promote American artists, the Oil Painters of America, (OPA), American Plains Artists, (APA), and the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, (NOAP).