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Daniel Truth


Daniel Truth was born 10/12/49 in Ann, Arbor Michigan. He studied traditional plaster cast drawing in Madrid with Jose Maria de Juan, 1961-62. In 1977 he moved to Mystic, Connecticut to study with Robert Brackman for the last three years of the latter's life.

" I have always pursued painting because of how I feel about my sight in the moment. Students of Korzybski will understand the idea of sight as a process of visual abstractions. The basic distinction is that I do not paint "what I see" but rather I paint my "sight". On the objective process level the processes involved in seeing are quite complex, involving light, volumes, surfaces, reflections, retinas, optic nerves, brain lobes, memories, meaning associations, structural understandings, etc.,. It is true that the more detailed and close the analysis of my visual structural experiences the more "emotional" resonance is given to my rendering of my sight.

The works over the centuries that impress me are those that reflect a basic sense of profundity in the simple, physical act of seeing. My heroes of still life painting include: J.B Chardin; Luis Melendez; Fantin Latour; Giuseppe Recco; Fede Galizia; Juan de Zurburan; Peter Claesz; William Claesz Heda; J.D. Heem; Cornellis de Heem; Osias Baert; Clara Peeters; George Flegel; Robert Spear Dunning; Joseph Decker; Emil Carlsen; Raphaelle Peale; Edward Ladell; Paul Cezanne; Antoine Vollon; etc.,."