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David Abed


I have often been asked---as a young, contemporary painter---why I paint in the classical tradition. At its simplest, detail fascinates me, and I can easily see it. Because my eye is naturally precise, realism is the style in which I paint and express my ideas most effortlessly.

I most want to bring intimacy, naturalness, and poetic illumination to all of my work---and to avoid sentimentality and affectation. (Pears are favorite subjects because of their simplicity, their likeness to human skin, and their sensuality that surfaces easily in numerous settings.) When my paintings unveil the energy buried within each fruit skin, glass stem, fold of cloth, my work is at its strongest.

Born in Chicago in 1967, David H. Abed is new generation artist who uses the great painting traditions of the Old Masters to create contemporary still lifes, portraits, and figurative works.

Abed completed a fine art degree from Illinois Institute of Art in 1992 and four additional years of training at the School of Representational Art, an atelier system of art instruction started by artist Bruno Surdo.

One of Chicago's noted emerging artists, Abed was recognized in 1999 in Ivy Sundell's The Chicago Art Scene: Sixty-eight Contemporary Artists from David Abed, to Ed Paschke, to Louis Zydalgo. The primary object of this book is to showcase good Chicago-area artists, rather than necessarily established artists. The collected effort culminated in a book [that features] the best fine artists in the area," author Ivy Sundell writes.

In 2000, Chicago Social magazine named Abed "A Chicagoan to Watch" in its "Scene in Chicago" issue that featured Chicago's most exciting visual artists, as well as accomplished artists in film, music, theatre, and dance.

Abed's work was most recently published in the December 2001 article "Classical Training Grounds" in American Artist .

Belloc Lowndes Fine Art in Chicago has represented Abed since 1998 and has sold his work throughout the United States and United Kingdom.

Abed presently lives and paints in Chicago.