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David C. Hancock


David C. Hancock was born in Chicago in 1981. Hancock had a devout religious and educated upbringing, and proved to be a highly creative artistic prodigy in his early years.

Hancock began his still life career in 2003 with the painting Contemplation on Much Study During One's Youth. A kind of self-portrait, the painting expresses a masked sorrow under the burden of heavy study as a youth. The first still life Hancock ever painted, Contemplation was acclaimed by international art critic John Spike as "one of the best still lifes of 2003" and was featured on the cover of Art & Antiques as the flagship image for "Today's Realism," proving Hancock's mastery of the still life genre from the beginning.

Hancock frequently places allegorical objects in his still life paintings which tell a story or moral. Some of the Artist's paintings work with more obvious symbolism, while others tell stories at a subconscious level. Hancock's work is characterized by incredibly balanced compositions showing very poetic arrangement and active color harmonies.

An established emerging artist, Hancock's work has been widely collected and exhibited, and has earned honors from The Artist's Magazine, The Art Renewal Center, Who's Who In America, The Communicator, The Posey Foundation, and the Fra Angelico Foundation.

Source: David C. Hancock