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Edgar de Cruijer


Edgar de Cruijer was born in Rotterdam in 1950 as Edgar Kruijer. De Cruijer is the old family-name from the 17th century and this name he is now using as a artist-name.

His great-grandfather was a professional sculpter. As a child he was always drawing, dreaming of becoming a painter or a graphic designer. His grandfather had a little art shop and stimulated him to draw. He was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rotterdam. By teacher and painter Jac. Seelen, Edgar was given the encouragement to specialize in painting. His education at the Academy was not as a painter but as a graphic designer. He worked as a freelance designer and illustrator and later on as an art-director in the advertising world. He had an agency together with a companion, but sold this agency to be able to paint. As a painter Edgar is self-taught.

Edgar de Cruijer

The essentials in his paintings are beauty and harmony. It is giving him great satisfaction to paint his still-lifes with patience and love. The compositions of his work are clear and powerfull. Also there is a certain soberness. Although he works with a lot of detail, this is never at the cost of the whole. All the objects have their own place in the presentation. You could describe his work as a complicated simplicity. The characteristic objects, most of the time of a certain age, affected by the using and time, are carefully chosen to form a harmonic whole. The light plays delightfully around the objects and radiates quietness and peace.

All objects are carefully painted, giving the impression that they, at any moment, could be picked up from the painting. The colors are mostly warm, from a modest palet, with a subtle accent of color here and there. Nowadays he lives and works, together with his wife Lutske, in Friesland (the north of the Netherlands where he also gives painting lessons.

Source: Edgar de Cruijer