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Eric De Vree


Eric De Vree was born in 1966 in Zandvliet, a quiet little polder village to the north of Antwerp. Naturally gifted with creative drawing skills, he did not receive any serious training until the age of 20 in his father's studio. Eric's father is also a gifted etcher and landscape artist.

Eric De Vree

Albert De Vree, who feels very strongly about craftsmanship and professional ethics, taught his son Eric the much-needed skills and instilled in him a deep respect for "the m├ętier".

During this meticulous classic training (blocks, bottles and plaster casts), Eric De Vree developed an acute perception for tone values, shapes and colours. Technical problems no longer constituted an obstacle to achieve his artistic goals.

An intensive study of the 17th century Masters, such as the fine art painters from Leiden and the chiaroscuro techniques applied by Rembrandt, had a profound influence on the artist's artistic training. This explains the balanced play of light and dark which is a constant in Eric De Vree's oeuvre.

Being a contemporary artist, he has also been influenced by the impulses of the "Nieuwe Antwerpse Klassieke School" (New Antwerp Classic School) in Belgium and the "Noordelijk Realisme" (Northern Realisme) in the Netherlands. He is gradually escaping the rigid straitjacket of trends and currently finds his inspiration in simple, used objects such as rusty tools, dusty bottles, thumbed books, etc. Everyday objects... but with a history. Eric De Vree not only considers it a challenge to paint these objects, he enjoys it too.