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Gavin Spielman


New York City based artist Gavin Spielman is a prolific painter and painting Instructor at Parsons School of Design. His work is primarily executed using oil on canvas. In the tradition of Cezanne, Corot, Millet and the Barbizon school, Spielman creates landscapes out of still life scenarios. Spielmans landscape paintings capture a serene and detached view, inherently implying the divinity of nature. His work is often described as timeless as he draws his technique from that of the early masters, incorporating extensive under-painting and glazing. Developed over a period of weeks, often months, his work is solely rendered from life.

Gavin Spielman

Spielmans still life work incorporates elements of realism, while less integral characteristics understatedly suggest detail. These paintings are abstract narratives the fruit may be placeholders for people - an exploration of the human condition. The marriage or disconnections between these forms connote the family unit - the surrounding fabric representing the chaotic universe in which these items are united.

Recently featured in the "Boldface Names" column of The New York Times and proclaimed "Metro Masterpieces" by the New York Daily News, Mr. Spielmans paintings have received additional noteworthy praise from Long Islands Newsday, Dans Papers and other prominent media in and around the City.

Mr. Spielman often creates his paintings on the City streets, where owners of the historic and landmark homes that are frequently his subjects often offer to purchase work before the artist has made his final brush stroke. Prominent homeowners whose personal art collections feature works by Mr. Spielman include VH1 President, John Sykes, and Don Taffner, producer of classic sitcoms, including Three's Company and Too Close for Comfort.

Motivated by the works of Nerdrum, Rembrandt and Dine Spielmans portraits evoke numinous feelings of solitude and hope. Dedicating his life to teaching and exploring oil technique Spielman is the quintessential painters painter.