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Giovanni Parlato


Giovanni Parlato was born in Vico Equense on the Sorrento Peninsula 22/02/1957.

He studied at the Art Institute of Sorrento and perfected his skills at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. His art moves away from the avant-garde art in the realism of abstraction.

Giovanni Parlato

In 1978 was organized the debut exhibition in the International Art Gallery of Vico Equense, devoted to figurative painting. This marked the beginning of long-term contracts that allow the artist to present his art in his own country. Was organized many solo-exhibitions in the surrounding area.

In 1996 the journey follows that became a turning point in his manner of presentation of art. The artist traveled to Beirut to write a portrait of the patriarch of the Maronites and Rome to work on a portrait of the Ambassador of Lebanon.

During these years his paintings are represented in terms of daily life, became the objects of greater attention to the well-known art galleries, such as: "Art and Art Gallery» ("Arte e Arte Gallery") in Torre Annunziata (1996), "Spark" ("La Scintilla") in Vico Equense (1996) and "Art Center Engema» ("Centro d'Arte Engema Pagani") in Salerno (1996) etc.

From 1997 to 1999 he participated in exhibitions "Art Expo" in the city of Bari. At this time, in 1998, Giovanni temporarily moved to Cadaques (Barcelona), where he exhibited with the personal "exhibition and sale." In 2000 his paintings were presented in an art exhibition in Padova ("Mostra Mercato d'Arte").

In 2001 he returned to Cadaques, which has gained recognition among local collectors. In 2005 the exhibition of his paintings was successfully organized in Madrid ("Galeria de arte farvela"). In 2007, Giovanni Parlato becomes a hero solo exhibition at the cultural center "Graziart" in Bitonto.

Untill 2009 the artist continues to work with the gallery "Engema» (Engema) in Salerno, which is organizing a solo exhibition of paintings by Giovanni Parlato and produces a series of catalogs of his paintings.

Since 2009 and until nowadays the artist works with the Neapolitan gallery “SetArte”, headed by the collector Giovanni Seta.

Since 2010, the artist opens his art for the eastern European countries. He goes to Ukraine and participates in the exhibition "The soul of Naples" (Donetsk), which took place in the contemporary art gallery «Paduano Arte».

Today, his works adorn the homes of prominent politicians, businessmen and collectors in Italy, also works are situated in private collections around the world. His paintings can be found in many churches, not only in Italy: a Neapolitan church «Santa Maria Degli Angeli», in Beirut «Patriarca Maronita», and the church in Vico Equense «San Giovanni Battista».

At the moment Giovanni Parlato lives in Vico Equense, where he works tirelessly and is regaining himself in the art.

Source: Giovanni Parlato