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Harold Berglund


What I seek in painting:

The play of light on surfaces, around objects, in reflections and shadows is a multifaceted spectacle of color. Light is the subject of my still-life painting, captured in a dynamic composition of forms and lines. Transparent paints make for glowing colors and color mixing on a palette of the primary colors - red, yellow and blue - produces a full scale of nuances. Each nuance painted separately so they stand clearly visible. In a successful painting, color is light, objects and surfaces lack significance, and what you see is the light.

Harold Berglund

THE STILL-LIFE is a laboratory for research into our ways of seeing and interpreting reality.

What objects are included is rather insignificant, differences are mainly for the sake of variety.

Simple objects - a pitcher or bowl - and a fruit or vegetable as something "living" on a table with a background and a composition that feels right.

The most important element is light - indirect natural light from one source to give clear shadows and a full spectrum of colors.

Then I try to record what I see - light that my brain interprets as different colors and shades.

But light is not stable, nor is the eye's response. I have to be satisfied with an approximation.

Even so the resulting paintings are amazingly complex. Even small insignificant objects reveal a universe of light and color.

Source: Harold Berglund