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James Neil Hollingsworth


It's been said that most people will have three major careers in their life. I've just begun my fourth. following a tour in the military in the early 70's I worked a number of day jobs, and went to school at night. No real direction. Just testing the water.

James Neil Hollingsworth

It was during this period that i discovered soaring, and i spent most of my summer weekends flying sailplanes. The lure of aviation became so strong that i decided to put the academic world on hold, and enter technical school. Two years later i was a licensed aircraft mechanic. Aviation was an all consuming passion, but between working on aircraft, flying and a brief affair with skydiving, i still squeezed in the time to paint an occasional watercolor or illuminate a letter to a friend. Following a particularly cold winter in an unheated hanger, i found myself tempted to change careers when the father of a friend who owned a graphic design business offered me a job as a paste up artist. I decided to mothball my tools, and two weeks later i was working as an artist. A couple of years later i left to become a partner in a typesetting shop with a close friend of mine. That lasted for nearly eight years. After we closed the shop i worked for a number of design firms on a salaried, and freelance basis. I also spent a couple of years as a book designer, and illustrator for a publishing company. Ready to leave the freelance world for a stable job with a regular paycheck i decided to follow in the footsteps of my wife karen, who at the time was working as a registered nurse. Two years of nursing school later, so was i. I started in the emergency room, and then moved to the operating room. This lasted nearly a decade. Then one day our friends jeff and leslie cohen told karen and i how they had begun to sell their artwork over the internet. I wanted in. They were right. After a year of working days as a nurse, and painting at night, and on weekends i decided to take the leap, and left nursing to paint full-time. That was two years ago. now i have paintings in a number of fine galleries, and in private collections throughout the united states, and parts of europe.