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Jan Teunissen


Born (1949) at Veldhoven North-Brabant (Netherlands), about 1970 he moved to the neighboring Best and developed himself there from 1983 as classic realistic art painter. 

Jan Teunissen

Continuous experimenting with subjects and resources, studying many paintings and lets criticize his work by a few masterpainters it's the way that he has built his painting carreer. He has much admiration for the paintings of the "Dutch and Flemish masters' from earlier centuries, while he has also much admire some contemporary "classic realists". The method described above gives him the ability to create realistic paintings at a responsible way. He prefers the classical genre but sometimes he allows himself tempted into a more modern genre. 

Inspiration for his work he find in his immediate environment, excisting of beauty is be found everywhere and inexhaustible in appearance, his belief. In particular situations which are not directly incurred because of human intervention but with time and weather have to assert their influence score high in the perception of Jan Teunissen. Not only in his work, but also in his environment he gives this aspect full attention and he tried to surround him selves with it. His paintings finding their way both nationally and internationally.

Source: Jan Teunissen