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Jean Miller Harding


Jean Miller Harding is a Canadian artist born into an artistic family in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada. Besides the love of art, there was an intense interest in the form and functioning of the human body. After receiving an undergraduate degree in science and fine art history, specializing in the European masters of the Renaissance, she entered the Faculty of Medicine program in Medical Art at the University of Toronto, graduating with honours and receiving the highest award for her artwork.

Jean Miller Harding

Then a successful career began as a freelance commercial medical illustrator in North America for the next 15 years. During that time, Jean illustrated over 400 magazine covers, worked with National Geographic on a hard covered book called 'The Incredible Machine', and helped produce many advertising campaigns for the pharmaceutical industry, some of which have won international awards. During this time, she also studied portraiture with John Howard Sanden at the Portrait Institute in New York City and classical realism in Florence Italy with Maestro Michael John Angel . In 1988, she received her first commission to paint a portrait and a successful career as a portrait artist was launched. In 1994, Jean was asked to participate in an art show in Jakarta, Indonesia, sponsored by the Canadian Embassy and this prompted the beginning of work in figurative and still life fine art. At the present time, she and her husband have studios in Canada and the south of France.

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