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Jeff Hayes


"For me, the road to becoming an artist was not a direct one, and it took me a number of years to find this calling. My formal education is actually in music; I am an accomplished violinist and was a Ph. D. candidate in composition at a major university. Upon leaving graduate school, I was able to develop my interest in electronic and computer-generated music into a career as a computer programmer. For the better part of a decade, I worked in this field, ultimately becoming a senior software engineer at an internet commerce company.

Jeff Hayes

During this time, I began painting. What started as a past-time quickly developed into a serious hobby, and then a profound and abiding passion. Feeling that nothing worthwhile is achieved by half-measures, in 2006 I decided to set aside my engineering career and made a full-time commitment to painting. Since then I have produced a steady body of work and built a solid, growing base of collectors throughout the United States, and in several European and Asian countries as well.

Outside of the studio, I am a broadly curious life-long learner, with history, astronomy, and Asian cultures being particular interests. I also have a fondness for world cuisines, and spend many happy hours in the kitchen. I truly believe that these varied experiences and interests make me a better painter - they certainly make me a better person. Every day, I'm deeply grateful to have the opportunity to devote myself to the never-ending quest to develop and perfect my craft."

Source: Jeff Hayes