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Juliette Aristides

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Jim Hubbman


I spend quite a bit of time setting up a still life as subject for painting or printmaking, probably more time than I spend doing the initial line drawing. Usually I start with some item that is visually interesting, quirky or even a bit obscure, often an older item that is no longer in common use. Then I start trying to match the item with other objects, adding on, taking away if something doesnt work or if I think of something better or more intriguing. As the pieces come together, usually something starts to gel in the relationships between items, both visually and in the suggestions of intellectual, emotional or spiritual connections they evoke. Often the dynamic that presents itself will get me thinking about aspects of human relationships, or the characters of people I know or see. Each work is an open-ended narrative, exploring questions regarding human nature.

Academic history:

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Maryville University, Saint Louis 1984

Recent Exhibitions:

2006 Dirty Fingernails Say a Lot, Juried printimaking exhibition at the Foundry Arts Centre, St. Charles, Missouri. Juried by Chad Andrews, director of visual arts, Interlochen Center for the Arts National Print Show 2006, Juried printimaking exhibition at the Silvermine Guild Arts Center. Juried by Kathleen Caraccio