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John Paul Raine


John Paul Raine attended Leeds School of Art for one year in 1967. He then worked freelance as an illustrator for several years, returning to painting in 1985 when he enrolled at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen. After graduating he worked for two years as a lecturer in painting and drawing at Aberdeen College, and then for one year on an ad hoc basis teaching life drawing at Gray's School of Art

John Paul Raine

He now works at his home on Deeside, specialising in still life painting and portrait drawing.

Raine's pictures are purchased by collectors of international reputation, in particular Malcolm Appleby, the silver engraver, and Gordon Burnett and Roger Doyle, the craftsmen jewellers. There are pictures by Raine in the Aberdeen Art Gallery Permanent Collection, and in the Grampian Hospital Art Project collection at Forresterhill. There are also paintings and drawings in many private homes around the North East, including that of Anita Roddick who purchased three of Raine's paintings for her home in Strathdon.

Raine was a founder member of the Traditional and Decorative Art Group, which exhibited in Aberdeen Art Gallery in 1992. This exhibition featured the work of five artists and artist-craftsmen who were working at that time in the North East. The show was a great popular success, and was favourably reviewed on Grampian Television's North Tonight programme and in the arts supplement of Scotland on Sunday.

Raine has shown work in most of the major galleries in the North East of Scotland, and has been most successful at the Riverside Gallery in Stonehaven. He is now also represented by John Green Fine Art and the Roger Billcliffe Gallery in Glasgow and the New Grafton Gallery in London.