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Juliette Aristides
Juliette Aristides

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Number of painters: 177
Last update: Tuesday Nov 2, 2021


February 12-March 21 2009

Great exhibition with many contemporary American realists.

Featured artists: Juliette Aristides, William Bartlett, Tony Curanaj, Camie Davis, Carl Dobsky, Douglas Flynt, Adam Forfang, Greg Gandy, Mikel Glass, Michael Grimaldi, Russell Harris, Nicholas Hiltner, Sarah Lamb, Kate Lehman, Dana Levin, Jeremy Mann, Edward Minoff, Michael Molnar, Jacob Pfeiffer, Nicholas M. Raynolds, Travis Schlaht, Andrea Smith, Chris Thomas, Peter Van Dyck, Adam Vinson, Anthony Waichulis, Will Wilson, Sam Wisneski, Zack Zdrale.

Excerpt from the site:

Trompe l'Oeil paintings have long commanded the interest of keen collectors everywhere. When you stand before a painting that you know is a flat surface (and yet your eye tells you it is three-dimensional) a state of perplexity exists until the mystery is solved. Once one comprehends the trickery, you salute the artist and celebrate his/her artful guile.

Dana Levin
Dana Levin

As a gallery, we are paricularly fond of the trompe L'Oeil genre. As a result, our artists constanly hone their skills and reach a bit further. New artists are drawn to us and these shows always feature first time presenters at John Pence.

Juliette Aristides
Juliette Aristides

These paintings represent a high degree of drawing skill, a comprehensive understanding of light and shadow, and a sophisticated ability to paint airy space; the subtle quality that distinguishes the exceptional painter from others.

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