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Joke Frima


Born in 1952, The Hague. Lives and works in France. Although she attended two art schools in The Netherlands, Frima had to go to Florence to find the kind of training she was looking for.

Joke Frima

There she was under the tutelage of the elderly signora Simi, who taught drawing and painting just as her own father had taught her: by studying plaster feet, terracotta jugs, and living models. Frima trained six hours a day, six days a week. The result of this training is a keen eye for detail and a steady hand for form. Yet her paintings and drawings are not simply reflections of her retinal images. Although nature and vegetation play a strong role in her work, she chooses her subjects carefully and meticulously sets them in sometimes almost surreal compositions. The intense light and powerful concentration lends an other-worldly quality to her work.