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Jos van Riswick


Still life paintings and portraits form the main genres in the work of Jos van Riswick. Characterising for most of the pieces is the simple choice is of subject. An empty porcelain bowl, a rusted oil can beside a box of matches, and the painting is finished. That simplicity is, however, typical for the Dutch still life.

Jos van Riswick

Old objects are represented by preference. Objects that carry the tracks of time, which have a history. Scaling paint, dried mud fixed to the surface, rust, this gives objects character, and it is also interesting to paint. Beside a balanced composition, a convincing plasticity and material expression play an important role.

In spite of a powerful realism, the painter tries to use a loose touch as much as possible. Suggestion and illusionisme come first. The still life paintings have been built from a number of thin layers oil paint, following the technique of the 17th century masters.

The self-taught painter came into contact with painting during his physics studies, and has since then reconstructed a traditional painting technique. The study of old masters such as Rembrandt and Heda, but also of new realists such as Dick Ket, Jan Mankes and Henk Helmantel played an important role.

Source: Jos van Riswick