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JT Harding


JT Harding is an American-born representational painter who values the aesthetics and philosophical principles of the Humanist Realism Tradition. Originally from Philadelphia, Harding moved to Massachusetts in 2010 to advance his career and trace his artistic roots, which date back to the Cape Cod School of Art.

JT Harding

Like most important painters throughout history, Harding gains inspiration and influence through studying the styles and techniques used by the Old Masters including Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida, Anders Zorn, John Singer Sargent, and Henry Hensche. He believes in building solid fundamental skills that provide a strong foundation for developing art with depth, meaning, and intrinsic value. To that end, Harding has studied under living masters from Studio Incamminati, an Atelier, founded by the Maestro Nelson Shanks. He has also been taught by notable artists like Cedric Egeli and Robert Douglas Hunter. It is his aspiration to teach and inspire future generations of artists to carry on this important tradition.

The thread that weaves through Harding's depictions of contemporary concepts and subject matter is a bravura painting process that emphasizes minimal fresh and loose brushstrokes that, when viewed from a distance, come sharply into focus. It is evident through his sensually painted surface, the pleasure the artist derives from a deftly handled brush.

Mr. Harding is a member of the Oil Painters of America, The Portrait Society of America, the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod, The North River Arts Society, and is an Associate member of The Guild of Boston Artists. In 2010, JT was selected for the Artist-in-Residence program at The Cape Cod Art Association. His original paintings and commissioned works hang in many private and corporate collections along the East coast. Harding collectors can anticipate owning a valuable, well-constructed painting that captures the spirit of the subject while forming a strong emotional bond with the piece over time.

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