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Katharine Krieg


Katharine Krieg (b. 1970) is an American Realist Artist who, after earning her degree in Art Education from Mansfield University, lived in Europe for several years and travelled about with her sketchbook and materials. She now maintains a studio in Montgomery County, PA where she gathers subjects from the fields, farms and historic buildings found nearby. The quality of light in different places and how it behaves on various objects and at different times of day fascinates her. Katharine has recently begun to explore these things along the rugged coast of New England and the artist colony on Monhegan Island, Maine as well.

Katharine Krieg

When she finds a subject that captures her interest her usual method of work begins with a study stage. A preliminary sketch is done in pencil or watercolor. Photos can be taken but she prefers to sketch directly from life as this gives her a more intimate knowledge of the subject. Also, it is very satisfying to sketch from life. Katharine then takes her 'plans' back to the studio to complete the final work. She has found watercolor to be the medium that holds the most successful avenue for achieving the effect she works toward.

She is honored to have been accepted into regional as well as national open juried shows. Her work can be found in collections throughout the Northeast United States from Virginia to Maine.

Artist Statement:

I feel fortunate to have an ability that leads me to look at the world in a way that results in a strong feeling of appreciation and joy. My paintings are my answers to what I see around me. Pausing for a moment of quiet Introspection and the passage of Time are themes that recur in my work. It is my hope that the viewer will connect with that which inspires me and keeps me coming back to paint.