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K. Henderson


Born in Oklahoma, K. Henderson now calls rural New Mexico. A classically trained artist, Henderson shows her works of realism in juried exhibits, museums and galleries across the country. Though comfortable painting figurative, western and still life subjects her current body of work is focused on still lifes.

K. Henderson

"I like to capture a moment in our everyday lives. There is beauty in the simple objects that surround us. My goal with my paintings is to start a visual dialogue that viewers can further develop through their own viewing experience."

I love to gather the different object together and tell a story. And painting the textures of wood, glass, metal and fabric is an exciting challenge for me.

With every painting I create, I'm still fascinated with the idea of making a three dimensional object appear on a flat surface."

Private collector BC said "My wife and I get tons of comments about your painting from guests who visit but most of all looking at it makes me feel passionate & alive. This painting stirs many thoughts and feelings inside me.... all good ones of course. In short, I love this painting and he is a part of our family in a special way."

She has attained national recognition with her work, has attracted a growing audience of collectors and has received numerous awards including over 100 Best of Show and First place awards in national and international juried art shows.

She is a member of International Guild of Realism, Oil Painters of America and Signature Member of National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society.

Source: K. Henderson