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Klaas Hart


What inspires [those] of genius is not new ideas but the idea that what has been said is still not enough. Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863)

Klaas Hart

What matters is not so much the variety of the subjects, but the intensity with which something is experienced, how it is experienced visually. Henk Helmantel (1945-)

I believe strongly that a painting should be technically sound, suffused with content, and that it should address tradition with a bold vision that is both fresh and modern. Klaas Hendrik Hart (1969-)

Confronted by a Klaas Hart painting, one is struck by the fact that it is accurately, appealingly representational. A second look will reveal that it is also relentlessly modern in its colour use, in spite of its traditionalist structure. The paintings have a nuance that transcends the mere accurate portrayal of surfaces with play of light. Like a Bach fugue, the paintings are a complex mixture of painterly virtuosity with theme and variations. It is contrapuntal in its bold application of form with rich colour harmonies that breathe life into seemingly everyday objects.

A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design (1993), Klaas sought to perfect his vision and technique by apprenticing with Dutch contemporary representational painter Henk Helmantel, a master of the genre. I want to embrace the essence of visual language in my technique, while using colour to express the deeper meaning of my subjects and to reflect the world around me, says Klaas. Looking at painters as diverse as Jan Van Eyck, Edger Degas, or Robert Motherwell, for example, I am struck not just by the quality of their expression, but by the clarity of their vision that transcends any style or -ism. It is the pursuit of this quality and clarity of vision that inspires his own work.

Klaass success is evident in the response to his work, which is represented in major private and corporate collections in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the United States and Canada.

He has exhibited in galleries with international success and now lives and works in Toronto, where he conducts master classes in painting. He is represented by both the Loch Gallery in Canada and Galerie Mokum in the Netherlands. Klaas Hendrik Hart 1969

1999 to 2000

1991 to 1995

1989 to 1993




1996-Present PresentBorn of Dutch descent. Resides in Toronto, Canada


Private instruction from the atelier of Henk Helmantel Westeremden, Netherlands

Private instruction from the studio of Glenn Priestley Toronto, Ontario

AOCA Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Ontario Fine Arts Diploma


Mayors Purchase Award Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

Art Instruction

COLOUR WORKSHOP School of Architecture University of Waterloo Waterloo, Ontario

COLOUR AS APPLIED TO PAINTING Instructional seminar Don Valley Art Club, Toronto, Ontario

Private instructor of drawing, painting and colour theory (Studio Academy, Artist 25, Avenue Road Art School)