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Larry Brooks


Born in New York. A Fine Arts Painting graduate of the University of New York.

"In these still lifes, I'm trying to not just paint things exactly as they appear, but to let them breathe, to have as much presence as possible. I consider them realist paintings, and as much as I want them to appear 'real', it's important that the evidence of the artist's hand is apparent. The selection and arrangement of objects, and especially the way they're lit, has to suggest to me a certain poetic quality, before I can start to paint them. I like the relationships to be harmonious but somewhat ambiguous, so that they might evoke more than one interpretation, and not necessarily a literal one. Colors, and sometimes the objects themselves, can change considerably as the painting develops, until a balance, a glow, and hopefully beauty appears, and the painting is finished when it seems there's nothing more I can add or subtract to make it better."

Larry Brooks

Larry's paintings have been exhibited in solo and group shows over the past 20 years and is in many private and corporate collections. He currently works and lives in Pasadena, California.

Works in Oil on Handmade Wooden panels or Linen Canvas.