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Lyndall Bass


Lyndall Bass is an American realist painter and teacher known for her still lifes, flower paintings and symbolist figure paintings. She attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, studying under Arthur DeCosta and Will Barnet. Bass' work is based on reflections of classical tradition within a contemporary framework. Her primary mediums are oil paint and graphite on paper. Bass lives, teaches and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is listed in Wikipedia. Her work is held in private collections internationally.

Lyndall Bass

“I believe that painting is a unique activity of the human mind that can never be replaced. Painting absorbs and reflects the tension between the material and the metaphysical worlds of existence. I strive to use beauty and illusion on canvas as tools to create an enhanced experience of life. For me, the act of painting is like being engaged in prayer.

My work is grounded in the techniques and tradition of realism originating in Europe from the Renaissance forwards. I am constantly searching to find a bridge to link past traditions with our own time through modern contexts rather than repeat what has been done before as mere nostalgia.”

Lyndall Bass