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Maria Trapani


I was born in Sicily, and as a child, drawing was one of my favorite pastimes. Moving to the United States in my teen years presented a few challenges, like learning a new language and trying to fit into a new culture. To ease the transition, I was fortunate to find familiar ground in art classes at the high school that I attended.

Maria Trapani

My formal art training began after getting married and having three children, when I enrolled at Eastern Michigan University, received my BFA, and continued on to Wayne State University for an MA. Drawing and painting have always been a constant. However, about ten years ago I decided I wanted to explore sculpture. I enrolled in a number of workshops in Arizona with well known sculptors such as Richard Greves, Lincoln Fox and Bruno Lucchesi. I began sculpting the figure in bronze at that time. My work has been exhibited in California, Colorado, Arizona and New York and is in private collections both nationally and internationally. In recent years, I returned to painting in oils. I have worked with landscapes and portraits, but mostly with still life compositions. I like the arranging of everyday objects and interpreting their volume, color and texture on a two dimensional surface. It is a process I totally get lost in. I work in a traditional manner, layering thin glazes of color to achieve a greater luminosity and a classical elegance. I am continuously inspired by the works of Vermeer and Zurbaran. The modern masters I look up to are Claudio Bravo and Daniel Sprick. My still lives have been included in several juried exhibitions throughout the United States.

Source: NIck Trapani