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Matt Curtis


Matt Curtis was born in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, UK in 1969 and having a father in the Royal Navy meant that he moved around the country for the first part of his early life.

Matt Curtis

Matt eventually settled down in Edinburgh, Scotland where a life long interest in art led to place at Art College studying Illustration and Media Design.

Towards the end of his time at college, Matt started his career in the art world as a freelance illustrator. He worked mainly on illustrations for various local agencies and companies such as the Forestry Commission.

After a few years working exclusively on illustration work, Matt became more interested in fine art and began to experiment with oil paints. Early subjects included aviation art, landscape and portraiture. Many of these paintings have been shown in local galleries and exhibitions have included the Guild of Aviation Artists Aero Art amongst others.

Recently, Matt has become less involved in illustration work and more interested in fine art. He now works exclusively in oils and specialises in small contemporary still lifes, drawing inspiration from 17th century Dutch artists to modern still life painters such as David A Leffel.

As well as an accomplished still life and portrait painter, Matt is also member of the Guild of Aviation Artists. His work is highly regarded and hangs in private collections as far as America, Russia, Australia and Norway.