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Nathaniel Simkins


"October, 2012

Living here in New England has provided endless inspiration from Historic buildings to changing seasons and landscapes that include the marsh, swamp, rocks, ocean, mountains, farmland and river systems. My goal is to try and capture some of the magic that is the New England landscape, lush and bold from spring into summer, spooky grey from late fall into winter and on fire in peak fall and early spring. We live in a resilient environment with an ability to regenerate yearly and survive the ravages of civilization. We are blessed with a great history of local art to draw inspiration from including Ryder, Homer, Hartley and Hopper to more contemporary painters including Hyman Bloom, Wolf Khan and many others.

The late Gertrude Ann Youse was my mentor who opened the world of fine art and endless possibilities to me as a youth, she was an inspirational person who painted on the coast of Maine, directed the Bumpus Gallery in Duxbury and was known as a great art teacher and spiritual guide. My B.A. was awarded from Marlboro College in Vermont where I studied under Frank Stout, a Beat Generation painter from New York City who taught life drawing and painting using jazz inspired improvisation and academic color with compositional analysis rooted in art history. Wolf Khan was my outside examiner bestowing a rare ‘A’ for the one man show from my senior project. The late Jack Kramer and David Ratner both B.U. Professors furthered my education helping with figure drawing and composition. My paintings have been shown at the Bumpus Gallery, Art Complex Museum, the Natick Library, the Danforth Museum Members show along with other public art spaces throughout Massachusetts. Paintings have been purchased and are in the collections of the Honeywells of Wellesley, Ferrara’s of Natick and many other private collections. My art has recently been shown on the North shore at two annual events ‘Art in the Barn” in Essex and ‘The Crane Estate Show and Sale” in Ipswich both exhibits have allowed me to show recent paintings done of North Shore landscapes. This year has seen the addition of a website to promote my art and an exhibit with Gallery 55 of Natick."

Source: Nathaniel Simkins