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Nikos W. Dettmer


Born 1956 in Hamm, Westphalia, he completed his Abitur (leaving certificate) in Frankfurt in 1977. His first encounters with the opera art form inspired him to create series of paintings and sculptures of opera characters. He subsequently studied theatre arts in Munich. On the side, he worked as props manager, supernumerary and lighting technician at the Kammerspiele (Studio Theatre) and the Staatsoper (State Opera).

Nikos W. Dettmer

He studied with Professor August Everding to become an opera director. In 1979 he studied philosophy of religion with Professor Biser, and occupied himself intensively with Eastern Asian art and philosophy, especially with the ink painting of Japanese Zen Buddhism. Since 1983 he is a freelance painter and sculptor. In 1984 he founded an art gallery in Munich-Schwabing. He received practical training in techniques for creating bronzes in the art foundry Mocnik, and taught at the VHS (adult education centre) in Munich. His training in fine art painting with M. Hesner lasted for three years. He chaired the Art Society Inn-Salzach for five years, and has had numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. Nikos W. Dettmer works in Munich where he lives with his family.

Source: Nikos W. Dettmer