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Patricia Wuillemin


Patricia Wuillemin was born near Philadelphia in the United States. She studied painting for four years at the Philadelphia College of Art where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Upon graduating from art college she continued to reside and paint in Philadelphia. She exhibited her oil paintings in various Philadelphia and New York galleries.

Patricia Wuillemin

In 1989 she exhibited in the annual “Small Works” exhibition at New York University which was juried by Allan Frumkin of Frumkin Adams Gallery in New York; she won a juror award for her miniature oil painting. She also participated in the “Small Works” exhibition in 1990, juried by Ivan C. Karp of O.K. Harris Works of Art in New York.

In 1992 she moved to Bern, Switzerland. She has had various exhibitions in Bern, Lausanne and Geneva. From 2004 until 2007, she exhibited at the Galerie Bärtschi in Bern in group exhibitions and in solo exhibitions.

In 2013, a color reproduction of one of her water-lily paintings was included in the book, “Victoria: The Seductress”, by Dr. Tomasz Anisko, Curator of Plants at Longwood Gardens in the United States.

Her work is held in private and public collections in the Philadelphia area, in France and Switzerland where she currently resides and paints.