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Paula Peacock


Painting is my key to a secret garden, my way through the looking glass, my form of meditation. From the first time I applied paint to brush to canvas the process has always struck me as magical. It fills me with a sense of wonder and gives me the ability to translate an inner vision to a 2 dimensional reality.

Paula Peacock

An established painter since 1999, I use the "Old Masters", my own life's experiences and the experiences of those close to me as my source of inspiration. My sole purpose when painting is to celebrate the form, color, and exquisite design we see around us every day and often take for granted. I strive to portray ordinary objects with an emotion and sensuality, rich richer-than life colors, a touch of elegance, and a provocative glow with interplays of light. Yet wordplay, metaphor and whimsical are important elements in my work. Working primarily in oils and in the genre of realism (with the occasional foray into abstracts and mixed media), I strive to reflect a combination of layered symbolism with a touch of subtle wit in the style of the classical table top still life. My works involve simply staged contemporary subject matters with results I hope are thought provoking yet peaceful to the eye and mind. With tongue in cheek (or foot in mouth) my work is a conduit for my lifes joys, trials and tribulations and my paintings, more than words, reveal my responses to those experiences.

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