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Paul S. Brown


Paul Brown prepares most of his art materials by hand using only the finest linens for his canvasses and preparing boards for his panel paintings. He uses mediums taken from proven old master recipes and makes his own paints.

Paul S. Brown

Careful selection of the finest pigments and a thorough grinding into cold-pressed linseed oil ensures the finest colours are used in his pictures.


Apprenticed D. Jeffrey Mims and assisted in the execution of five murals, four of which decorate the nursing school at Samford University in Birmingham, AL, and one at St. David's Episcopal Church in Baltimore, MD.

Summer of 1990 restored murals at the Sandhills Performing Arts Center, Southern Pines, NC.

October 1990 accepted a teaching position from Daniel Graves at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy.

Won award 2nd Concorso AICS Falco-Cerevolo Exhibition held in Santa Maria del Carmine Church, sight of the well known Brancacci Chapel in Florence, Italy.

Won the 1993 Purchase Award and 1994 People's Choice Award, Arts Council of Moore County annual exhibition.