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Peter Kotka


Peter was born February 1951, to an English mother and Estonian father. He started his working life as a toolmaker and designer of aluminium extrusion dies, but began to paint in 1979. Entirely self-taught, he turned professional in 1983.

Peter Kotka

Peter has an absolute love of oil painting and especially admires the masters of Dutch Painting of the 17th century, which is reflected in his own work. Since 1995, after seeing the work of Estonian artist Olav Maran, Peter decided to review his paintings and started researching 'Still Life' painters such as Willem Kalf and De Heem. After experimenting with priming his own panels and canvases with different colours, then painting with thick and thin paint and glazing on top, in the way of the old masters, he has developed a style with detail and atmosphere that is essential in his portrayal of fine wine, fruit and cheeses etc.

In a quirky and sometimes conceptual world, Peter makes no apologies for producing traditional subjects where the craftsmanship is evident in every brushstroke. His paintings bring much joy and pleasure to those who understand he has an obvious and underlying love of handling paint and observing his subject using techniques that take many years to acquire. Recently he has changed the view point for some of his paintings, to give them a bold contemporary look.

Peter Kotka originals are in private collections all over the world, with some noted collectors. In 2004 Peter was invited to take part in a prestigious Still Life exhibition in California, where he was the best selling artist in the show. Early 2005 he toured California and Arizona with three successful shows. In October Peter had his first UK 'One man Show' following his US success, with a Springtime One man show early 2006 in the UK, and another US tour in August 2006. 2007 a wine critic in San Diego wrote' the most technically gifted and innovative artist I have seen in the last 10 years. In 2008 Peter won 2 prizes in Californian exhibitions, best Still Life painting and Runner Up in the Seascape section with a surreal sea/wine piece. In addition his images have been reproduced on greetings cards, collector's plates and Limited Edition giclee prints. In 1998 /2006 Peter was recognised in 'British Artists since 1945' a 2 volume edition of who's who in British art.

Source: Peter Kotka