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Peter Van Tongerloo


Peter Van Tongerloo was born in Turnhout, nearby Antwerp (Belgium), in 1946. With an almost obsessive motivation and passion, with an open eye on the past as well as on contemporary masters, Peter Van Tongerloo chose to study the methodology and the history of the Old Flemish Masters. By examining their techniques, he attained a high transparency in his own work. With these technical skills and thorough knowledge of materials, Peter started to create his own vision. vision Notwithstanding his critical eye on our modern society, his compositions are very poetic and sensitive. The observer is forced to interact with the paintings, to come to his own conclusions and last but not least to enjoy their beauty and admire their craftsmanship. In Peter Van Tongerloos still life paintings life is ever so important important

Education: 1968 Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp 1973 National Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Antwerp Exhibitions: During his career, Peter won several awards and his paintings were exhibited many times in Antwerp, Brussels, Amsterdam and recently also in London. His works can be found in both private and public collections worldwide.