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Raymond Burt


I was born in Ayr, Scotland in 1944. I grew up in a tenement with the very basics for living. I displayed my first painting when I was aged six in the Carnegie Library.

Raymond Burt

At my school I found that I excelled at art and the first pupil to win a prize for my school at the Scottish National Schools Open Competition in Glasgow. To attend art college after elementary schooling would have taken many years and the cost would have been out of the question for my parents. So art had to take second place in my formative years.

My working life has been primarily in Aviation with painting and drawing being relegated to a hobby. However, over the years I have completed many commissions in Oils, Watercolours, Pen and Ink and now Acrylics, featuring many diverse subjects such as portraits, landscapes, buildings and illustration.

Last year I retired and found myself having more time for my art. In that period I came to the conclusion that I am if nothing else a passionate realist, which in the UK mainstream art world at this juncture, is not an asset worthy of promoting.

For myself there is nothing more wonderful than to view a painting that is so accurate, detailed and beautifully accomplished that it comes to life. I try in each composition when painting still life's to incorporate a theme or be thought provoking rather than having just a group of objects. I'm not looking for photo-realism as the eye captures much more than the camera.

My inspirations in art have come from a very diverse list of wonderful painters. For portraits the name of John Singer Sargent is paramount, for illustration Alphonse Mucha I consider to be a genius in his field. As for still life, while in Las Vegas recently I came across a number of paintings that were of outstanding quality. That painter was Dario Campanile a fellow painter on this website.

With each painting, I will in my own small way, strive to achieve the excellence these artists have produced in their lifetime.

Source: Raymond Burt