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Rein Pol


Born in 1949 in the Netherlands. Pol loved painting, but wanted to paint realistically in a time that that was not "in". One day he saw a catalogue of Galerie Mokum called Fifty Years of Dutch Realistic Art and discovered that there were people not only making but even exhibiting realistic work! He decided to go to art academy, and has been developing his own realistic approach ever since.

Rein Pol

What is realism? Not just a more time-consuming substitute for a good photo. It makes things that are recognizable, but it does not just copy reality. It adds things, leaves others out. The structure of a Pol painting is rich and plastic, not flat as with a photo.Pols oil paintings are also full of light.

Pols subjects range from the original to the bizarre. He paints still lifes with musical instruments, but also with a pig foetus in formaldehyde, a pigs skull, or bottles of yogurt in various stages of fermentation. He has landscapes with trains or with sail boats on a lake disturbed by jet planes flying by. Among his masterly portraits is a disconcerting one of himself in the steamed-up mirror of his shower. Pol is one of a growing group of contemporary Dutch artists who have continued to work figuratively, but with a modern slant.