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Richard Hall


Richard Hall was born in 1952 in Bradford, Yorkshire; the industrial heart of northern England. He attended both the Sheffield College of Art and the Kingston-upon-Hull College of Art, receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting in 1976. After earning his Post-Graduate teaching certificate from Sussex University, he left England for warmer climates, ending up in the Southwest United States with his wife Sharon, where he pursued painting full-time.

Richard Hall

Richard has been painting all of his life creating magnificent works of art in a wide variety of styles. He worked many years in the Fine Art Publishing business, creating large bodies of works for clients. The styles would range from classical to geometric to romantic depending on the client's needs. Richard was well known for his ability to anticipate trends in the world of design and jump out ahead of them. He enjoyed the satisfaction of applying his talents to this demanding challenge and leading others in the processes. But deep inside Richard always dreamed of "someday" painting what he loved.

In May of 2006 everything changed in a moment. At age 53 Richard suffered a heart attack that served as a wake up call. "Someday" had arrived. Richard and Sharon made the decision that now was the time for him to pursue his life-long love of traditional painting to create a body of work that was truly his own.

From decades of painting experience, Richard developed his signature look. Whether a large scale landscape or an intimate still life, his paintings are instantly recognizable. Artists and collectors look at his pieces and wonder, "How did he do that?" Characterized by a lack of visible brush strokes, thoughtful (sometimes whimsical) compositions, and realistic textures, his paintings glow with a brilliant luminescent quality.

For Richard Hall, oil painting is a connection to the past. As a boy growing up in England, Richard spent many hours watching his grandfather create fine furniture. "The man was a master craftsman, employing traditional tools and working methods handed down through generations. He passed on to me the joy of creating something unique, and I carry on these traditions in my own work."

Richard is a member of the International Guild of Realism and the Oil Painters of America. His was recently awarded the "Donors Award of Excellence" at the 2010 OPA National Exhibition, and was a finalist in the 2010 Artist Magazine Still Life competition.

Source: Richard Hall