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Juliette Aristides

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Robert Talbot


I have been painting and drawing since leaving college in 1979. In that time the style of my work has changed considerably. The work on this site represents the direction my work has taken during the last five years. Prior to this I worked mainly in landscape, and, while I lived in London, urban landscape. I used to paint very freely, and I am interested in seeing soon how my current way of painting can be applied to landscape, as well as to still life.

Robert Talbot

Drawing is very important to me, and I regularly draw the figure as well as other subjects. Some of these drawings are on the site.

I define my work as realism, because I paint only what I see. My aim is to present the subject with as much clarity as I can. This involves more than the recording of observation. There is always the problem of a fog of preconception coming between the painter and his/her subject, and it is dangerous to ever assume that there is a formula for success, or that what you did last time will work again this time.