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Robert van Beurden


All his life he wondered just how the Old Masters could create such beautiful paintings and why their compositions and colours were better than most paintings these days. Even modern still lifes look more like photo images rather than paintings

Robert van Beurden

After following several Master classes given by painters in Holland, he was still unable to find the right person who teach him the traditional 17th Century style of painting.

One day he was lucky to meet one of the few Masters who learned the traditional way of painting 40 years ago in Antwerp, Belgium. From him he learned the old techniques and continues to learn painting after painting.

In the past ( Golden Century ) it was usual for Masters to learn from one another and to work for at least 10 years as a pupil in a Master's gallery. That is why the best works were created in this era.

For me a still life painting should be something timeless.

Starting point is to create traditional, handcrafted work. Traditional paintings are the biggest challenge for me, you need the skills and the ability together with straightforward technical disciplines: like composition, shape, colour, nuances, drama, balance, effect, stability and more. My goal is that the interpretation of the painting must be a painting not a photocopy, it must be picturesque, not photo realistic. You can call my paintings realistic or figurative, and sometimes it is an optical illusion of reality.

Source: Robert van Beurden