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Ron Cheek


Ron A. Cheek founded the Texas Academy of Figurative Art in 2007. Cheek is a contemporary realist painter whose work reflects an academic, Old Master quality combined with contemporary subject matter and content. Common themes of his work reflect his interest in psychology, religion, and allegory. Cheekā€™s work has been featured in American Arts Quarterly, Southwest Art, the Art Renewal Center, the Dallas Observer and the Fort Worth Star Telegram among other publications.

Ron Cheek

Cheek began his career in architecture and holds a Bachelor of Environmental Design from Texas A&M University. Cheek also holds a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling from Colorado Christian University. In 1997 Cheek went to Florence, Italy to study full time at the prestigious Florence Academy of Art. In 2001 Cheek returned to Texas to paint full time.

Cheek has several years of teaching experience prior to founding TAFA. He has taught at the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver, CO; Tarrant County College, and TCU in Fort Worth, TX respectively. Cheek has also taught workshops for the Museum of Western Art (Kerrville, TX), the City of Keller (Keller, TX), and the Fort Worth Community Arts Center (Fort Worth, TX).