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Roy Hodrien


Born in 1957 on the Wirral, Roy Hodrien studied at the local art college and then went on to further study at Coventry. As a brief foray into advertising, Roy began a freelance career as an animal painter and Illustrator, often producing private animal portrait commissions for owners and breeders.

Roy Hodrien

As his reputation grew he began to publish several well regarded books on pedigree dogs, featuring over a hundred of his illustrations. He also established a line in copying orientalist paintings for Middle Eastern clients. During the mid 1980's Roy began producing his first still life paintings, his passionate interest in the genre led him to study the techniques of the Dutch Masters Willem Kalf and De Heem and the Victorian painters Duffield and Preyer. His adaption of traditional techniques to his unique contemporary style has earned Roy an enthusiastic following amongst collectors of the genre. A regular exhibitor in London, Monaco and the USA, Roy's work can be found in many private collections throughout the world. He has an upcoming one man show at the Oakham Contemporary Gallery, Bury Street, St James, London, starting on March 4th 2011.

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