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Sandra Power


Sandra Power was born 1938 in Hull, England. She was educated at the Hull High School of Art and Crafts, where her early passion for art was nurtured. She came to the United States in 1962, married, and took her husband's name of Murphy.

Sandra Power

She studied drawing and painting with Edmond Archer, at the Corcoran College of Art, Washington DC. Her budding career as an artist took a major detour, following the birth of twin sons, prompting her focus to shift toward raising a family and pursuing a career as a professional nurse.In 1990 she returned to her maiden name and to her first love; painting. Now, she finds that the richness of her life experience inspires her art both spiritually and creatively. This is reflected in her skillfully rendered still lifes which express a unique sensibility and engage the viewer on several levels.

In the summer of 2002, Power moved to Seattle, Washington where she lives near her two sons. She has participated in group and solo shows on the East and West Coasts where her works are included in numerous private and public collections.