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Sarah Canfield


Sarah Canfield has exhibited her work throughout the northeast and has won numerous awards at the local and national levels for her still life paintings. She received a BFA from Alfred University with honors and a master's degree in art therapy from Concordia University in Montreal. Sarah paints in both oils and pastels and she is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America.

Sarah Canfield

Artist Statement

My paintings explore human relationships and emotions through still life. I use rich color to project a heightened perception of reality. Through representing familiar objects of life, I confront the viewer with a magnified and intensified view of the ordinary. The arrangements I use suggest a narrative or emotional tension through the color, lighting and placement of objects. The objects I represent then transcend their ordinary context and assume a metaphoric flesh and blood. The tension between objects often becomes a metaphor for both inner conflicts and external relationships. I use altered perspectives and angles to further question the viewer's perception of reality and to create a sense of movement and energy in each piece. My intention is to challenge the viewer to examine this altered view and create their own unique associations.

Source: Sarah Canfield