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Shaun G. Day


Born in London, I loved to draw as a child but was strongly discouraged to continue by peers and parents. Only much later in life and quite by chance did I discover that I still loved to draw, and so took up painting as well. I did end up attending art school in the US but found little inspiration to work figuratively. It's been a bit stop/start trying to learn by self-direction the techniques of painting by observation. But, I'm still plugging away trying to get better at painting anfd drawing.

Shaun G. Day

I paint directly from life, judging and measuring by eye. My paintings are built up gradually; first drawn studies are made and then on the canvas or panel several extremely thin glazes of paint are laid down and painted into or scumbled over, over time until I feel that I have achieved a convincing sense of a reality. I work mostly with simple, more-or-less symmetrical compositions set up in my studio. My aim is to continuously better my work.

Inspired by wonderfully still moments, I endeavour to give paintings an uncomplicated, peaceful atmosphere. I am fascinated by light falling on matter there is magic there that is utterly enchanting. Painting elegantly balanced still lifes gives me the opportunity to express that fascination directly with nothing else to distract the eye. It is a (multi-layered) complex technical process that I employ in making pictures. After completing each painted layer, the work has to be thoroughly dry before work can continue. The techniques that I use cannot be rushed; it can take months quite often (or occasionally a year or two) to complete a painting because of the intermittent drying intervals. This method of working means that one can work on several pieces at the same time.

Personally I feel that my work goes well beyond making pictures. I try to make paintings that are inspiring. Hopefully, that inspiration can fuel a fascination for seeing the magic of what is around us even in the quietest of moments.

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