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Stefaan Eyckmans


Stefaan Eyckmans was born in Niel, near the Belgian city of Antwerp, in 1964. His father made his living in graphic design and sign writing and from an early age Eyckmans was familiar with the tools of painting and drawing. After studying as a graphic designer and illustrator at the Antwerp Academy he succeeded his father in the family business. However, with the advent of technology and computer graphics, and the decline in the use of traditional skills, Eyckmans turned his back on this career and turned to painting.

In contrast to other artists of his age, Eyckmans became fascinated by the 17th and 18th century masters such as Willem Van Aelst, Jan Davidsz de Heem and Johannes Vermeer. After years of experimenting, the artist found the style that suited his vocation. He combines the tonal techniques of the old masters with up to date materials, colours and objects and this results in a contemporary realism which has its roots in traditional painting. The objects in the paintings are sometimes commonplace but the artists treatment of them transforms them and gives them an unexpected beauty. The artist uses the interaction of light and shade to create a tranquil realism and he continually searches for the essence of form to create a perfect composition. The work is not photographic; brush strokes and impasto are paramount to the whole effect. Eyckmans begins his work by drawing in the forms with just a few essential brush strokes and then filling out the work in monochrome. This determines the values of light and shade and gives depth to the painting and this tonal guide will show its function through the final layers of colour which are applied when the monochrome colours have dried.

Eyckmans has been exhibiting his work since 1990 at venues in Belgium and Holland and also at international shows in London, Japan and the USA. He has attended several art fairs and has been highly successful in selling his work. In co-operation with the Historical Society and Museum of Aarschot, the artist is preparing a solo exhibition which will be shown in the new building of the museum. The works will include artefacts from the museum in the subject matter and the museum will keep one of the paintings for its own collection. A new book on Eyckmans is being prepared and this will be launched at the opening of the exhibition.