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Suzanne Roles


Suzanne Roles - Statement of Work

I am a London based artist and did my BA in Fine Art at Camberwell School of Art in 1978-1982 where I studied painting and printmaking.

Suzanne Roles

My still lives are based upon photographs taken with a macro lens. I use natural light to create dramatic shadows, therefore exploring my main interests of space, colour and texture. I am influenced by 16th/ 17th century Spanish still life artists.

I work in layers building up the image with varying thickness of paint, allowing each layer to dry before continuing, and finally finishing with glazing. The glazing makes a big difference to the painting as a whole, really bringing out the colour and depth to the finished image.

I also enjoy working in different scales. My work in monotypes which I sometimes use to inform my paintings, creates unexpected textures and marks which are difficult to achieve with oil on canvas. Monotypes are a kind of one-off print and I think of them as small, unique paintings.

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